You Don't Know What You're Missin' [single]

by Sons of Rico



You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ - the first taste of Sons of Rico’s forthcoming sophomore album - is a three-minute blitzkrieg. Opening with classic rock riffing before launching straight into the incendiary vocals of Alex MacRae and the stomping rhythm of Adam Weston; You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ is a flat-knacker summer hit in the finest of traditions of giant choruses and sing-along catchphrases.

The model of a perfect pop song, You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ (whose title came from the defiantly confident sales pitch of a King’s Cross transgender prostitute) is definitive of Sons of Rico’s ability to make music that absolutely kicks its way out of the speakers. Music that is big and catchy, but also smart and subtle.

When their debut album Reactions dropped in 2010, Sons of Rico introduced the world to a new sound that had artistic depth and pop simplicity alike. A quirky, unique approach to song structure led by one of the most quirky and unique voices to arrive on the Australian music scene in a very long time. Spawning three singles, Reactions was met with heavy airplay Australia-wide. Radio rotation turned to high rotation, gig invitations started becoming festival invitations, and Sons of Rico quickly found themselves one of the most in-demand acts in Australia.

Enlisting legendary Australian producer ‘Magoo’ to record album number two; MacRae and Weston have now taken Sons of Rico’s self-definition to the next level.

Tracked in a beautiful converted church in the heart of rural Queensland, the forthcoming album – due in 2013 – is grand on a level befitting the obsession and attention-to-detail of its creators. And as even just a teaser of the album... a mere three minutes of it... You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ is already Sons of Rico at their blistering best.


released October 8, 2012



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